Body Language Part 1

Written by Yinka Bakare

Eye contact and the direction of gaze are some of the most powerful means of nonverbal communication we have. 

Eye contact maintained for a fraction of a second longer than the individual looked at considers appropriate, can lead to a reaction of physical aggression or be taken as an indication of sexual attraction.  

We need to look at  what we do  with our eyes,  forgive  the  pun.  

When we are talking to people we don't tend to look at each other the whole time,  but  only in a  series of glances unless we are  intimate with the person. 

In places like bars and restaurants some time will be spent in looking at other people present, especially those who are attractive to us or may be behaving oddly, drunken behaviour or pepole arguing.  

Being watched makes us ask why is that person watching me and can  easily lead to  a  sate of being self conscious and therefore undermines our self confidence.  On the  other hand we could think the watcher is sexually attracted to us. Which may make a man or woman  to  avoid eye contact. It could become difficult and embarrassing if the watcher continued watching.  

Too little eye contact is interpreted as not paying attention being impolite, being insincere or showing dishonesty,  even  being shy. 

Withdrawing eye contact by lowering the eyes is usually taken as a signal of submission. 

We look at others a lot when we are placed at a distance, we are discussing impersonal or easy topics,  we are  interested in the the other and their reactions. We like or love the the other person, trying to dominant or influence the other. We  are dependent on the other and the other has been unresponsive. 

We look at others very little when we are  discussing intimate or difficult topics, we are not interested in the others reactions,  we don't like the other person. The other person is of a high status.  

People will communicate with each other more effectively if their interaction contains the amount of eye contact they both find appropriate to the situation.  

The will be much more to come on body language and it will help you to get more out of life.  

So until next time take.