How to implement the changes for 2018

Written by Yinka Bakare


What what we aim for: 

What do you want?  

How will you know  when you achieve it? 

When do you want to achieve it by?  Ie March 16 by 6 pm. 

How will achieving it benefit you? .  

Ie be able  to  take family on holiday.  


Exploring the present reality : 

What have you done specifically so far to achieve your goal?  

What challenges have you met and overcome?  

What strengths do you have which may help?


Stretching beyond what has been tried before or thought about before : 

What could you do? 

And what else could you do?  

To overcome barriers, ask "what if....?" eg you had the time you need.  

Will /way forward  

Gaining commitment from yourselves towards taking action : 

Which options would be fastest, easiest, preferred?  

What might stop you and what are you going to do about it if it happens?  

When will you take action? . 

This is the way we work with our clients at footprints to help you to set your goals,  we  support you in the  best ways to get things done, so the best you gets to show up in life.  

So until the  next post stay safe.