Things we know

Written by Yinka Bakare

As mankind has been moving through the ages the is one thing that has stood out and that is humans have a multiple nature. 

It has been seen as a conflict between good and evil, the higher self that writes poetry and paints great paintings or builds pyramids that survive the test of time, or our lower nature that seeks to crave power and control over weak or poor people, stealing and killing fellow humans just because they can. 

we can look at this as a conflict between the inner vs the outer man or woman as the case may be.  

To put it plainly we have many sides to our personality and when one side of our personality is in control it seems only inevitable that another side is pushed aside. But which is the real one? All of them or none? . 

when Sigmund Freud appeared on the scene in the early twentieth century the enigma was challenged to a fresh probe. Freud as I see it has his faults but he did hit the mark with many of his theories and one being the warring factions that exist in the unconscious mind. 

He was able to come up with names for these the super ego which acts like a very strict parent that has  total  control and will  not  let  the child do anything, a restrictive controlling force, the id  (instinctual  drivers ) it's focus is on  nothing other than pure pleasure at any cost .Then we have the ego which acts like a referee trying to  balance out the  two extremes. We are indebted to Freud for the work he done in those years, and we have been able to come a long way since then. As the week's and months come to pass I hope to show you some of what I have been able to learn from psychology and ways you can help yourself to make the most of yourselves no matter where you're starting points may be. So until the next post stay safe and  try to  notice when you're id or  supper ego are trying to take control and how your ego deals with them.